Tawarri at Nelson

While at Tawarri (Tawarri (place of tranquillity Australian indigenous)

you might choose to…

. doing nothing at all

. relaxing in the silence

. soaking up the sun ( or in a hot bath)

. catching up on sleep

. reading

. writing

. art - sketching, painting, drawing

. anything else you can think of...

Or exploring the area- some suggestions:

bird watching- check rare bird sightings in the area
Mount Gambier- drive the ruggedly beautiful coastline to Port MacDonnell, Cape Northumberland
explore the Main Corner attractions, Riddoch Art Gallery, free film screenings
Mt Schanck and other volcanic site,  caves and sinkholes, the famous Blue Lake, historic sites
Penola /Coonawarra- St Mary McKillop pilgrimage trail, art, food, wine
take a Glenelg River cruise to the Princess Margaret Rose Caves
Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park
Ocean Beach, the Estuary beach, historic Nelson sites
Portland area-  vibrant arts centres, beaches, coastal parks, whale watching,indigenous sites
to the source of the Glenelg River- to the Grampians…